IMG_2748 Welcome to Radford Wesleyan Church’s website.  Come and worship with us this Sunday at our new location 1300 Second St.    Hear Pastor Gale Janofski’s message that God has given him to share with us!

9:45am-10:30am Life Connection

10:45am …………….Worship Celebration



Pastor J and his wife,  Janet.

Parsonage location: 1011 Dundee Drive, Radford, Va.




A Note from Pastor J and Janet!

Greetings!   We look forward to meeting you, the Radford Wesleyan church family.  We have been married 39 years and have been in local church ministry since 1977.  We have three children (two married) and four grandchildren.  Hobbies include:  (Gale) bicycling, softball, yard work and NFL football — GO COLTS!   (Janet) Reading, crocheting, crafts, jewelry-making, sewing, interior decorating, cake decorating, singing.  And of course, for us both, our grandkids!!

We enjoy entertaining in our home and eating out with friends.  We believe God wants us to make an impact for Him in others’ lives by sharing and interacting about the way God shows up in everyday life.   As God leads us and you, we will earnestly do our best to minister faithfully among you.  Your concerns and spiritual lives are very important to us.

Still Reaching Forward!

Pastor Gale & Janet Janofski


Radford Wesleyan Church

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